In a world that needs peaceful, sustainable solutions, the Language Schools provide the tools to make change happen.

There is no substitute for having a deep understanding of other languages and cultures. There's no shortcut for truly being able to communicate with people in a common tongue. And there's no other program in the world that offers the depth of language learning that students find at the Middlebury Language Schools.

The Impact

The Language Schools have been helping students build foreign language fluency for nearly 100 years. Language Schools graduates develop curriculums and teach the next generation in secondary schools around the country. They develop global business strategies. They create solutions for government, NGOs, and nonprofits. They put the skills gained here to work for the world.

How You Can Help

Donors to the Language Schools become partners in advancing understanding of other cultures and languages. They are helping to develop peaceful, sustainable solutions to the world's challenges and to take advantage of the opportunities that our interconnected world presents.

Selected Funding Opportunities

Annual Scholarship: supports portion of tuition $2,500
Annual Fellowship: supports tuition and some expenses $5,000
Annual Teaching Fellowship $10,000
Endowed Teaching Fellowship $200,000
Endowed directorship for individual schools $500,000
Endowed Professorship: Dean of Language Schools and Schools Abroad $2.5 million
Individual school endowment $10 million