Every year since 1981, the members of the senior class have honored their time at Middlebury and marked their graduation by making a class gift to the College. This year, the Senior Committee announced that the 2016 senior class gift will be a Health and Wellness Fund intended to increase mental health and wellness resources on campus.

The Senior Committee spearheads the fundraising drive, soliciting suggestions for the gift and helping educate their peers on the importance of philanthropy towards and engagement with the college. Members are also responsible for planning events and activities that will build class unity and create a foundation for alumni participation.

Senior Committee Co-chairs

Croix Callahan – Events Chair
Connor Huff – Gifts Chair
Caroline Keogh – Marketing Chair
Bao Lin Xu – Finance Chair
Elliott Miller and Ashley Simons – Undergraduate Chairs

Senior Committee Members

Kendall Arthur
Cole Baker
Amanda Bertholf
Erin Birdsall
Lauren Black
Somers Brush
Kyle Calder
Brigid Callahan
Croix Callahan
Lucas Carpinello
Anna Chamby
Jessica Chen
Jewel Chen
Khi Chou
Lizette De La Cruz
Tel Degolacion
Georgia Grace Edwards
Tommy Finton
Amanda Fishbin
Jacob Fisher
Will Frazier
Paola Garcia-Obledo
Conner Gilbert
Teddy Gordon
Max Greenwald
Eli Hanft
Connor Huff
Anna Kelly
Caroline Keogh
Sebastian Kern
Faraz Khan
Mariam Khan
Katy Kim
Sarah Kravitz
Paul Lagasse
Winson Law
Zachary Lounsbury
James Lunch
Maryam Mahboob
Nitya Mankad
Steven Medina
Nicolas Mendia
Katie Merrick
Brodie Miller
Elliott Miller
Andrea Narciso
Will Nathan
Huy Nguyen
Anson Notman
Maddie Pierce
Sophie Quay-de la Vallee
Madeleine Raber
Jessie Ralph
Melanie Rivera
Parli Rizal
Carly Schaeder
Katie Schott
Jim Simmons
Ashley Simons
Claire Treesh
Scott Westvold
Paige Wong
Bao Lin Xu