At the Arabic School, the learning experience reaches far beyond the classroom and extends into every aspect of daily life. The School's myriad cultural and social co-curricular activities provide enjoyment and cultural enrichment, all while reinforcing the language skills learned in the classroom.

In addition to picnics and dinners, lectures and films, performances and sporting events, the Arabic School offers weekly clubs in various areas of cultural interest. An integral part of the curriculum, these clubs allow students, for two hours each week, to immerse themselves further into the Arabic language and its diverse cultural applications.

In recent summers, the following clubs have been offered:

CALLIGRAPHY Under the guidance of experienced calligraphers from the Arabic School faculty, students learn about the history and different styles of calligraphy, and gain hands-on experience creating their own works of art. The club culminates in an exhibition of student work at the end of the summer.

JOURNALISM In the Journalism Club, students are given a chance to read and discuss news stories from various Arabic-language print news sources. Lessons in journalistic styles, Arabic vocabulary, and current events are all intertwined here.

DANCE In this exuberant and active club, students are taught a variety of Middle-Eastern dance styles, ranging from traditional belly dancing to dabkeh. The Dance Club's performance at the end-of-summer talent show is always a highlight of the program.

QUR'AN The Qur'an Club offers students the unique opportunity to learn about the holy book of Islam by reading selections in its original Arabic. Students learn about the history of the Qur'an, and deepen their understanding through reading and discussion.

COOKING With the help of faculty, staff, and members of the Arabic School family, students in the Cooking Club get hands-on exposure to preparing many styles of Middle Eastern food. Students work and learn together as they make kunafa, kushari, hummus, and numerous other dishes to be enjoyed together every Wednesday evening by the entire Arabic School.

BIBLE The Bible Club introduces students to selections from the Bible in Arabic. Participants in this club benefit not only from lessons in language and grammar, but also from lessons about the culture and history of Christianity and Christians in the Middle East.

MUSIC Students participating in the Music Club gain exposure to Middle Eastern music styles, both through singing and playing instruments. This club is essential to the social life of the Arabic School, as its members often entertain students at picnics and dinners with the music they have learned.

LITERATURE Reading and discussion of poetry, short stories, and selections from well-known Arab literary works are the focus of the Literature Club. Students deepen their understanding of a rich Arab literary tradition, as they learn to recognize different literary styles and techniques, and discuss important themes and historical contexts.

CINEMA In the Cinema Club, students watch a selection of movies that expose them to the depth and variety of Arab cinema. The viewing experience is supported by discussions of the themes and contexts of the films, led by a member of the Arabic School faculty.

SOAP OPERA An entertaining way to learn the language and about Arab culture.

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