Chinese School Activities

The Chinese school not only provides many social opportunities like parties, bonfires, and informal get-togethers and conversational lunch tables to relax and unwind, but also arranges extra-curricular activities that you are encouraged to attend in your down time. Currently, we offer:

Calligraphy: Learn to write beautifully with ink and brush, and teach you to reflect calligraphy in your day to day life.

Cooking: Some of our teachers are certified chefs. They introduce you to regional cuisine from mainland China.

Mahjong/Chinese Chess: Learn the games that you will need to know when you go abroad!

Tai-chi: In Tai-chi class, you will learn the 24-step yang style form that is practiced in China’s parks every morning.

Popular Songs: Learn to sing the songs that are being listened to all over China.

Poetry: In Poetry class, you will explore poetry by not only learning some classical and contemporary pieces, but learning the methods of recitation.

Kung-Fu: You will leave kung-fu class with basic self-defense skills, a glance into the cerebral nature of Chinese martial arts, and a complete northern-shaolin Long-Fist form.

Volleyball: Compete against the other language schools with your team in a Middlebury tournament that lasts the entire summer.

Soccer: We will have a series of friendly matches with the other language schools throughout the summer.

Art of Tea: Learn to serve and drink tea with traditional Chinese tea sets and drink wonderful Chinese teas.

Radio: Host the Chinese language radio show for the whole school to listen to. You will interview students and teachers, play music, and discuss current events and issues.


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