2013 Guests, Lectures, and Activities

Writer in Residence

  • Ondjaki, Angolan Writer

Concert with musician Dr. Richard Miller and his group

Capoeira performance with Capoeira Brazil

Play "O Auto da Compadecida," written by Ariano Suassuna


  • Rosalia Diogo, PUC-Minas: “Brazil/Mozambique: sociocultural encounters”/  Brasil/Moçambique: aproximações socioculturais.
  • Mestre Fuá, Capoeirist: Capoeira – the Beautiful Game” / Capoeiro – Jogo Bonito
  • Rodolfo Prates, Universidade Positivo: “Deforestation of the Amazon forest” / Desmatamento da Amazônia”
  • Anna Klobucka, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth: “Voices and bodies of Fernando Pessoa” / As vozes e os corpos de Fernando Pessoa
  • Rodolfo Prates, Universidade Positivo: “Challenges of Brazil as the World Fifth Economy” / Desafios do Brasil como Quinta Economia Mundial 
  • Interns: “Portuguese slang” / Gírias dos Jovens Brasileiros
  • Musician Richard Miller, University of Columbia, New York: “African timelines in Brazilian Music”
  • Angolan Writer-in-Residence Ondjak: “Angola during and after war, a portrait” / Angola: durante e depois das guerras, um retrato

Lessons on Samba and Forró dance, and Capoeira

Three films per week

Festa Junina


Talent show

Brazilian and Portuguese traditional dinner

Sports: soccer and volleyball