2015 Guests, Lectures, and Activities

2015 Writers-in-Residence

  • Roberto DaMatta, Brazilian writer-in-residence
  • Lira Neto, Brazilian writer-in-residence
  • Rui Zink, Portuguese writer-in-residence

Concert 1: Centennial concert with Stacey Kent and Jim Tomlinson

Concert 2: Concert with Richard Miller, Gigi McLaughlin, Isabella Campos, and David Sachs

Capoeira performance with Capoeira Jagube, VT

Play "O Auto da Compadecida," written by Ariano Suassuna

2015 Lectures 

  • Rodolfo Prates: Universidade Positivo: Brazilian rainforest deforestation and the current water crisis in Brazil.
  • Silvia Lorenso: Racism and race relations in Brazil.
  • Roberto DaMatta and Rui Zink: Roundtable: What makes Brazil Brazil and Portugual Portugal?
  • Rodolfo Prates: What makes Brazil an emergent country? 
  • Lira Neto, Writer-in-Residence: The Construction of  Brazil, from independence to republic.
  • Richard Miller, Columbia University: African influcence on Brazilian rhythms
  • Rui Zink, Writer-in-Residence: Mini-lectures in every class.
  • Alexandre Graeml: Immigration and cultural identity.
  • Karen Graeml: Distance teaching: Challenges in remote Brazil
  • Christiane Kokubo: Japanese immigration in Brazil.
  • Marcia Steinbach Kaplan: Life and resistance during the military dictatorship in Brazil, Chile, and Argentina (via Skype)
  • Silvia Lorenso: Race and the system of quota in Brazil (via Skype)
  • Irene de Amaral, UMass Dartmouth: Workshop on The art of Portuguese Tiles

Lessons on Samba and Forró dance, and Capoeira

Three films per week

Festa Junina


Talent show

Brazilian and Portuguese traditional dinner

Sports: soccer, volleyball, capoeira and much more!