2016 Guests, Lectures, and Activities


Symposium of Literatures in Portuguese: The state of Art: Create, Re-create, and Translate, with Rui Zink, Lira Neto, and Daniel Munduruku.

Lira Neto, a journalist, writer, and three-time Jabuti Prize winner, gave a talk titled “Historic novel and biography: dialogues and the borderland between the fact and the fiction.”

Rui Zink, who is a cartoonist, professor, translator, and acclaimed writer with more than 30 published books, gave a talk titled “Does the reality have more imagination than the imagination?”

Daniel Munduruku, an indigenous writer with more than 50 published books, and winner of many awards including the Jabuti Prize, gave a talk titled “Brazil in the stories of a Brazilian indigenous writer."

2016 Lectures

  • Luiz F. Valente, Brown University: Paulo Freire: Education and conscience.
  • Silvia Lorenso: Racism and anti-racism in the country of the Olympic games.
  • Rodolfo Prates, Universidade Positivo: The Brazilian Rainforest Deforestation and the Current Water Crisis in Brazil.
  • Luci Moreira and Raphael Câmara: Etiquette and Manners: Invisible Culture.
  • Lira Neto, Writer-in-Residence: Brazil-USA Relations – The Good Neighbor Politics.
  • Rodolfo Prates: The Impeachment of President Roussef.
  • Richard Miller, Columbia University, NY: African Influence on Brazilian Rhythms.
  • Adriana Negreiros: Women During the Cangaço Period.
  • Christiane Kokubo: Japanese Immigration to Brazil.
  • Rui Zink, Writer-in-Residence: Mini lectures in each class.


  • Irene de Amaral, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth: Workshop on Portuguese Tiles.
  • Alan Parma (Florida State University) and Raphael Câmara: Brazilian Portuguese Slang.
  • Christiane Kokubo (Vermont) and Kazumi Hatasi (Director, Japanese School): Origami.

Artist-in-Residence: Gigi McLaughlin (musician and national table tennis champion)

Capoeira performance with Capoeira Jagube, VT

Lessons on Samba and Forró dance, and Capoeira

Three films per week

Festa Junina


Talent show

Brazilian and Portuguese traditional dinner

Sports: soccer, volleyball, capoeira and much more!