Academic Program: Seven-week Session

Students enrolled in the Portuguese School will be registered in one of five levels according to their proficiency as determined by placement tests and prior experience with Portuguese or other Romance Languages. Students will also have the opportunity to take graduate level credits to be transferred to other programs.

Portuguese is a language with several variants. Regardless of the variant taught, students will be able to communicate with speakers of any of the variants. At Middlebury, the emphasis is on the Brazilian Portuguese language variant and culture. We provide classes that emphasize Portuguese language and culture and, as much as possible, we include other variants. We have been offering a European Portuguese component as part of the curriculum since 2008, bringing faculty, scholars, and writers from Portugal. We have also offered courses on African culture and literature and have hosted Portuguese speaking African ambassadors and one writer. The Portuguese School is committed to bring diversity, not only in terms of Portuguese variants, but also, in terms of faculty, staff, and students.

Daily activities normally include four to five hours of classroom instruction plus additional homework and assignments.  Schedules, texts, and staffing are subject to change. All students in the Portuguese School will engage in extensive reading activities using the texts from the invited lecturers, novels, short stories, plays, and journalistic accounts. Each level offers three required units encompassing grammatical forms, stylistics and composition, pronunciation and phonetics, oral expression in formal contexts, as well as interpersonal oral expression.

A studen'ts typical day at the intensive summer program

Thematic Units

Students in each of the levels also enroll in courses that emphasize language through cultural contexts.  These classes are divided into thematic units that are team taught by the Portuguese School faculty or invited writers, scholars, or artists.

The classes are carefully chosen and prepared to match student ability level and faculty expertise. In addition, the content is appropriate and relevant to the specific level of the program.

Teachers Institute

For teachers who wish to improve or maintain their Portuguese language skills and also prepare secondary age appropriate materials in Portuguese.  Teachers who wish to participate in this project will enroll in PGSE 6610. Please contact the coordinator for more information