Outside the classroom, you’ll participate in a range of organized cocurricular activities and clubs designed to help you build new vocabulary while developing cultural fluency.

With activities such as capoeira, samba, forro, soccer, and cooking, you will learn how to speak Portuguese and gain insight into various aspects of Brazilian and Portuguese culture.

The Portuguese School also brings in special guests every year, including a Brazilian writer-in-residence. Past writers include the following:

  • Roberto DaMatta
  • Marina Colasanti
  • Affonso Romano de Sant’Anna
  • Moacyr Scliar
  • Conceição Evaristo
  • Miriam Alves
  • Álvaro Cardoso
  • Ana Maria Gonçalves
  • Laurentino Gomes
  • Lira Neto

European Portuguese Variant

We continue honoring the European Portuguese variant with a faculty and/or writer-in-residence each year. To celebrate our diversity, African writer Ondjak and the Ambassadors of Cape Verde and Mozambique have given lectures and workshops in the program. Ondjak also taught a class while here. In 2018 we had Jean- Michel Mabeko-Tali, born in Congo, former Professor at Agostinho Neto University in Angola and currently teaching at Howard University.


  • Jean-Michel Tali: The role of MLPA in Angola’s Independence
  • Darien Davis: A Brazilian diaspora in Europe, from the from the II World War to present
  • Meryleen Mena: Women Detained: Justice and Institutional Violence in the San Paulo Criminal Justice System
  • Débora Teixeira: The Arabs in Brazil and their influence on Brazilian cuisine
  • Christiane Kokubo:Extraordinary voyages: Japan—Brazil and Vermont-São Paulo
  • Luci Moreira and Alan Parma: Etiquette and Manners: Invisible Culture.
  • Steve Butterman:A voz poética da mulher lusófona pós-colonial: Noémia de Sousa (Moçambique), Alda Lara (Angola), e Cristiane Sobral
  • Richard Miller: Chega de Saudade: History of Bossa Nova
  • Rui Zink, Writer-in-Residence: Mini lectures in each class.


  • Symposium of Literatures in Portuguese with João Almino, Rui Zink, and Sidney Molina
  • João Almino, acclaimed Brazilian author, having received notable awards by literary critic, he is a member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters (ABL)
  • Rui Zink, Portuguese writer, translator, and creative writing teacher, he has written more than thirty books from fiction to plays, cartoons, and operas.
  • Sidney Molina, musician, founding member of Quaternaglia Guitar Quartet, award-winning Brazilian guitar ensemble, and music critic for Folha de S. Paulo.


  • Christiane Kokubo: Origami workshop
  • Irene Amaral: Portuguese Tile workshop
  • Alan Parma: Oficina de Girias. Slang Workshop