Level 1.75 High Beginning Portuguese

PGSE 3195-3196-3197

This course sequence is intended for students who have usually completed one semester of Portuguese, and it is designed to expand the PGSE 3195 & PGSE 3196 courses. In this program, students will develop their cultural background of the Portuguese-speaking countries nowadays, to better understand their diversity and complexities. Through different culture units, students will be able to enrich their experience as they heighten their awareness of the Lusophone artistic production, engaging in interesting class discussions, participating in dynamic and creative activities, and developing projects either in groups or individually. The interpersonal and in-depth exchanges will help them grasp the target language culture, as well as develop fluency as they are exposed to authentic texts in Portuguese, which will reinforce what they are learning in the grammar class, as they start becoming more confident while using a more structured argument to convey meaning.