Level 4 Advanced Portuguese

PGSE 3401-3402-3403

Students enrolling in this sequence will have a good foundation of Portuguese after usually the equivalent to two years of study, and will have a proficiency level of at least "Advanced-low," according to the ACTFL proficiency guidelines. In this sequence, students will continue their linguistic development through the study of specific cultural aspects that enable them to increase vocabulary, as well as language proficiency while learning more about the Lusophone world. Classes are designed to enable students to practice written and oral language addressing different registers, and they will also explore literary texts in depth. They tend to participate intensively and effectively in formal and informal conversations, on topics related to their professional areas and scholarly interests, but also on unfamiliar topics that demand a more focused and elaborated pattern of discourse to convey complex meanings. Most students who successfully complete this sequence will typically develop skills at the “Advanced-High” and, occasionally, they might achieve the “Superior” level of proficiency.