Svetlana Titkova


Kitaigorodskaya Center for Foreign Language Instruction, Moscow State University
Kandidatskaya, Moscow State University

I am currently working on my doctoral dissertation in the area of methodology of teaching Russian as a foreign language. A native Russian, I have been working at Moscow State University since 1982 teaching Russian to foreign students of different levels in groups and individually and applying different methodologies, including both traditional and intensive approaches, with a special focus on conversation aspects. I have worked as a visiting professor in China (1989-1992) and in recent years (2001-2003) as a visiting professor at Middlebury College. My research interests include intensive methods of teaching Russian, intercultural communications, comparative analysis of the Russian and English languages, and classification, forecasting and prevention of errors made by foreign students of Russian.

I am the author and a co-author of a number of textbooks and scholarly articles about "language lacunae." In my spare time I enjoy all kinds of activities: movies, literature, some sports (especially swimming and table-tennis). I have traveled a lot, and I have seen many wonderful countries. But best of all I like to "communicate" with different people and am proud to have many friends all over the world (some of whom were my students) ... So, that's me!




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