Elena Sadina

Cultural Staff

Choir Director

 Sunderland Language Center

Professor of music in the Royal Institute of the Carillon Art ´´Jef Denyn´´ in Mechelen, City carilloneur in Hulst (Holland) and guest-professor  in Saint-Petersburg State University (Russia).

In 1994 Elena graduated from the renowned Saratov State Conservatory with highest honours.

In 2003 Elena graduated from the Royal Institute of the Carillon Art ´´Jef Denyn´´ in Mechelen , Belgium.

In 2009, she received her second master’s degree in music from the University of Leuven (Belgium).

During the course of her studies she won prizes in several music competitions:

in 1989-Second prize in the Folk Instrument Competition in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia;

in 1992- First prize in the Russian Bell Ringing Competition;

in 1999- Second prize in an International Carillon Competition in Holland,

in 2002- First prize in the International Composition Competition in Belgium,

in 2005- First prize in the International Carillon Competition  for women carilloneurs.

She has frequently participated in folk festivals, concerts and television programmes in Russia ,Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Ireland, England, Denmark and United States of America.