Level 3 Intermediate Korean I

Korean 3301-3302-3303-3304

This course is for students who have had approximately 300 hours of formal instruction at the college level (completion of four or five semesters of Korean in an academic setting). The course is designed to move students across the threshold of the Intermediate-High level of proficiency with ample opportunities to perform at intermediate and advanced levels.  Speaking, listening, reading, and writing will be equally emphasized in this course in order to develop well-balanced functional proficiency in Korean. Various authentic materials such as literature, cartoons and movies are integrated into this course to enhance student’s awareness and appreciation of the culture of the Korean-Speaking world. 


Target OPI rating at the end of the session:  Intermediate High


Sogang Korean 3A: Student's Book (New Series).

Sogang Korean 3B: Student's Book (New Series).

Sogang University Korean Language Education Center Press        

Sunjung Kim (eds). Living Korean: proverbs (살아있는한국어 : 속담)  Hangeul Pake  http://www.langpl.com

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