Level 4 Intermediate Korean II

Korean 3401-3402-3403-3404

This course is designed for students who have had approximately 400 hours of instruction at the college level. This course aims to develop functional proficiency in Korean at the advance-low level in listening, speaking, and reading and writing. Students will develop competence in fluency, grammatical accuracy and socio-linguistic/cultural appropriateness through a variety of tasks and assignments. In addition, students will learn to communicate with more sophisticated grammatical structures and advanced vocabulary on various topics. This course will integrate Korean cultural themes with language learning to enhance students’ acquisition of Korean language and to deepen their understanding of Korean culture. Selected readings and multiple genres of media such as short essays, poems, newspaper articles, TV commercials, or TV news will be introduced.

Target OPI rating at the end of the session:  Advanced Low


New Sogang Korean Student’s Book 4A (New Series)

New Sogang Korean Student’s Book 4B (New Series)

Sogang University Korean Language Education Center Press, 2015                    


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