Level 5 Advanced Korean I

Korean 3501-3502-3503-3504

This course is designed for graduate students and professionals who have advanced level proficiency in Korean or have at least three or more years of rigorous formal study in modern Korean. This course aims to develop professional proficiency in Korean at the advance-mid and high level in listening, speaking, and reading and writing employing a variety of materials such as scholarly essays, newspapers, short stories, video and audio materials.

The approach of the course is to study several content areas including Structure of Korean Language and Topics in Korean Society, Culture and History.  Students will develop competence through project based and research based instruction exploring a variety of topics. 

Target OPI rating at the end of the session:  Advanced High


Sogang Korean Student’s Book 5A

Sogang Korean Student’s Book 5B

Sogang University Korean Language Education Center press, 2007


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