BOLD Program Highlights

Curriculum and Cohort Model

Once chosen, all BOLD Scholars will be members of cohorts at each partner institution (10 women per institution in January 2017 and 5 women per institution in fall 2017). BOLD Scholar cohorts will be supported by faculty mentors and site program coordinators at each partner institution for the duration of the beta program.

Each BOLD cohort will meet weekly with the faculty mentor. Mentors will follow a curriculum focused on intergroup dialogue and leadership development, community transformation projects, and group cohesion. The aim of this curriculum is to provide a common ideology, skill set, framework, and structure for the implementation and execution of the BOLD program across network campuses.

Campus Transformation Projects

Each BOLD cohort will be responsible for implementing a specific and tangible transformation project on campus that reflects the mission of the BOLD network. In addition, BOLD cohorts will identify major quantifiable goals related to campus inclusion that they would like to accomplish by the end of their BOLD experience. These goals may be related to implementing and creating new campus initiatives or enhancing already existing programs. BOLD campus transformation projects will be focused on creating spaces for discourse on campus related to challenging issues of inequity and should focus on engaging cross-sections of the campus community, including students, faculty from multiple disciplines, and staff from various departments. BOLD Scholars will design, organize, and plan transformation projects during the second semester of their junior year in weekly meetings with their faculty mentors. These projects will be the core “product” of the program on campus.

To support transformation projects, BOLD Scholar cohorts at each institution will be eligible to receive a magic grant over the two-year program from a pooled fund of $10,000. Each faculty mentor will also be eligible to receive a magic grant from a pooled faculty fund of $10,000 to actively support campus transformation projects and BOLD Scholar initiatives.

International Immersion

The first cohort of 40 BOLD Scholars across four institutions will together (or in a couple of groups depending on numbers) have an international immersion experience in the summer of 2017 as part of the two-year beta period.  If successful, the idea would be to include this for later BOLD cohorts in the summer before junior or senior year.  This trip will occur over the course of a three-week period and will be defined as a “Citizen Community Engagement” trip that would be scheduled so as to minimally interfere with a summer job.  The themes of the trips will focus on “local citizenship in a global world” at an established site abroad (i.e., Middlebury).  The goal of the international immersion experience is to reinforce in a global context, the issues of social equity explored through the BOLD program and foster the growth of BOLD Scholars as change agents locally and in the greater global community.  Scholars will be prepared for their international experience and equipped with cultural context and a specific set of learning objectives in order to enrich the experience and connect it to the program mission.

Vision for Full "Employment"

Each BOLD Scholar will graduate from college with the opportunity to apply for a Helen Gurley Brown BOLD Fellowship, which would provide funding for employment at an organization that embodies the values of the BOLD vision.  Each grant shall be no more than $40,000 per BOLD Scholar, but not all scholars may need funding.  

Expanding the Leadership Pathway: BridgeUp Scholars

In Fall 2017, the BOLD Women's Leadership Network at Middlebury College will identify a group of student leaders who identify as women or female to participate in BOLD's BridgeUp program.

As an extension of the BOLD program, selected BridgeUp students will receive a one-time scholarship of up to $10,000, be part of a peer mentor network with BOLD Scholars, and support the success of BOLD campus transformation projects at Middlebury.

While BridgeUp students are not guaranteed to become BOLD Scholars, they do represent an expanded leadership pathway at each institution.