Step 8: Submit (or help submit) the proposal

The endorsement form must be fully signed before the proposal can be submitted. Sponsored Research staff will notify you as soon as the Director of Grants & Contract Administration has signed the form, which means your submission can proceed.

Depending on sponsor requirements, either the PI/PD or college staff (Sponsored Research staff or the Authorized Organizational Representative) submits the proposal. Electronic submission processes vary widely in terms of who is allowed to submit proposals. Be sure you know who can submit your proposal, and that they will be available when you’re ready. Contact us for advice and assistance with electronic submission processes.

If you are submitting the proposal by mail, choose a method that will ensure it is received by (or mailed by) the deadline. Because of delays in processing mail sent to federal sponsors, most of them recommend using a courier service; pick one that you can track. For "postmark deadlines": make sure you get a proof of mailing that is acceptable to the sponsor. Give Sponsored research staff one complete copy (paper or electronic) of what you submitted.