Middlebury uses the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI), an online training firm, to provide research ethics education for student researchers. Follow the steps below to get started.

If you have any problems with CITI login or the CITI website, please contact Cathy Ekstrom.

If you are new to CITI

1. Go to CITI's website.

2. Click

3. In the drop-down list of Participating Institutions, choose Middlebury College.

Registration page

4. On the Select Curriculum page,

Select Curriculum page


5. Follow the instructions from there. If you aren’t sure what to answer for a question during registration, you will be able to change the information once you are registered.

When you finish registering, your Main Menu page displays.

Main Menu


6. Under My Courses: Status, click Not Started - Enter to start the course.

If you are already registered with CITI

  1. At the CITI home page, click
  2. Log in, using your CITI username and password.

    Your Main Menu page opens.

    Main Menu


    Under My Courses, the Status column reflects your progress to date. For example, when you first register, it shows a Status of Not Started – Enter; once you’ve progressed through some of the material it will show a Status of Incomplete – Re-enter.

  3. To start (or continue) the course, click on Enter (or Re-enter).


If you have any problems with the CITI login or website, please contact Cathy Ekstrom.