What do I do with my grant proposal endorsement form?

What you do with your endorsement form depends on whether you are applying for the first time, asking for a renewal, applying for a supplement, or revising your budget. To find out which procedure applies to your situation, check here.

The student researchers on my NSF-funded project have to be trained in the Responsible Conduct of Research. Do I have to develop a new course?

No, we’re using online training. To learn more about the College’s training plan, click here.

Students who will do research that involves human subjects may also have to complete online research training in the ethical issues related to human-subjects research. Please see the IRB website for more information.

My wife will help work on my research this year, and I plan to pay several months of her salary using grant funds. Do my proposed budget and budget justification constitute adequate notification?

No. You must also fill out a Family Relationship Disclosure form and a Significant Financial Disclosure form and submit both forms with your blue sheet, following this procedure.

Do I need approval from the College to buy equipment for my project?

Yes. You’ll need to fill out the equipment section of your blue sheet. Include unit cost, maintenance provisions, and installation requirements. Estimate annual maintenance costs and provide College budget numbers (and authorizing signatures) for the accounts that will be charged, both during the grant period and after it expires. The Dean of Curriculum must sign the blue sheet. Email her at least six weeks before your deadline to discuss these issues.

I was just notified that my grant has been funded! What do I do with the award documentation?

If the grant will fund your scholarship and research, give the original paperwork to the SRO. If the grant has been awarded for an institutional project,give it to CFR. Any funds go to the Grants Accounting Office, who will set up the Banner account for your grant.

I need something for my project that wasn’t listed in the grant budget awarded—can I charge it to the grant?

You probably can, but first you must check with our office or the Grants Accounting Office. If your grant terms allow the College to authorize the expenditure, fill out an OPAS form to request the budget changes from the Manager of Disbursement & Accounting.

How do I book grant-funded travel?

Follow College policies and procedures for work-related travel.

My question isn’t on this page!

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