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Study Abroad Fees

Study abroad costs are generally similar to or somewhat less than U.S. college costs; see International Programs and Off-Campus Study for specifics. Cost estimates for the Middlebury Schools Abroad are available on the individual schools' webpages: Middlebury Schools Abroad.

Students studying abroad (except those on official exchange programs) are charged an administrative fee of $1,750 per semester abroad.  Be sure to notify your parents/guardians of this fee, which covers some of the costs associated with the administration of the study abroad process.

Financial Aid for Study Abroad

Institutional grants and Federal Direct loans are only available for the following:

·  Students who study at C.V. Starr-Middlebury Schools Abroad
·  Students who are pre-approved International Studies majors with a focus in South Asian Studies who study abroad in the region of focus
·  Students who are pre-approved International Studies majors with a focus in African Studies (with a language focus other than French) who study abroad in the region of focus (IS/AS majors with a French language focus are normally expected to study at the Middlebury School in Cameroon)
· IP&E majors with a focus on Africa studying abroad in Africa (with a language focus other than French) who study abroad in the region of focus (IPE majors with a French language focus are normally expected to study at the Middlebury School in Cameroon)
·  Students who study at the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies in Oxford
·  Students on official exchange programs
·  Classics and Classical Studies majors on approved programs in Greece or Italy

Middlebury grant and loan financial aid is not available for:
·  Study in countries/programs where English is the official language or lingua franca (this includes Middlebury's affiliation with Lincoln College/Oxford University), except at the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies or as part of an official exchange program
· SIT Study Abroad programs, unless a student is studying in Africa or South Asia as a pre-approved IS or IP&E major, according to the above language policies(scholarships are available directly from SIT on a competitive basis)
·  International students who seek to study on an externally-sponsored program in their home country

Other Financial Aid

U.S. citizens eligible to receive federal grants and loans can usually apply these to any kind of approved study abroad. See below and check with the Office of Student Financial Services for more detailed information.

Limited financial aid is available for other approved off-campus programs as follows.  You may apply for a Federal Direct loan, and your parents may apply for a Federal Parent (PLUS) loan.  If the length of your program is less than 15 weeks for a semester or 30 weeks for the academic year, the amount of your loan will be prorated accordingly.  If you qualify for a grant from your state higher education agency or a Federal Pell grant, those funds are also available for approved off-campus programs.

Outside Funding Sources

For more information regarding outside funding, please click here.

Determining Eligibility for Financial Aid

The total cost of study away is included in determining eligibility for financial aid.  This includes the study abroad administrative fee.  If the cost of the study away program exceeds Middlebury costs, aid will be capped at Middlebury costs.

Applying for Financial Aid

Working out the financial aid arrangements for studying off-campus sometimes requires more time, paperwork, and follow-up than staying at Middlebury.  You need to be especially diligent in seeing that paperwork is completed in a timely manner.  You must sign and return loan promissory notes immediately upon receipt to ensure that loan funds arrive on time. Federal Direct and Parent Plus loan funds are disbursed ten days prior to the start of undergraduate classes, per Federal regulation. Loans will not disburse if the requirements, entrance counseling and master promissory note, have not been met.

Externally-sponsored (non-Middlebury) programs require either a Consortium or Exchange Agreement; check the grid at the end of this section to see what is required for each program.  If your program requires a Consortium/Exchange Agreement, be sure to have it completed early by your host university or program sponsor.  Note that the Consortium Agreement and Exchange Agreement must be completed by the host program/university abroad; International Programs and Off-Campus Study is not able to sign these forms.  it is essential that everything is in order before you leave for your off-campus program.

Expenses Abroad and Refunds

We strongly recommend that you take enough funds with you to cover a month or two of living expenses, regardless of how much aid you may be due to receive.  If you are eligible for a refund, there may be unavoidable delays in getting aid monies credited and refunded to you.

Full payment or confirmation of aid may be required at the time of registration at the host institution.  You should contact the sponsoring institution to work out arrangements.  If you are studying  at a Middlebury School abroad, you will be billed by Middlebury College; payment is due on August 15 for fall semester and December 15 for spring semester.

All aid will be credited to your account.  If you have a credit balance, funds may be sent directly to the sponsoring institution, or you may request a refund.  Please contact the Bursars Office, (x 5158;, to give direction about where and to whom your refund check will be sent.  If you request the refund be sent to you, we recommend that you route the refund check to a US address (parent/guardian address).  Federal regulations require that enrollment be verified before any funds are refunded.

It is strongly recommended that you give power of attorney to a parent or guardian to deal with any financial matters that may arise during your absence from Middlebury.  You must consult a lawyer to establish power of attorney.

For more information on any of these policies, please feel free to contact International Programs & Off-Campus Study ( or Student Financial Services (

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