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BOLD Program Highlights


The Pussycat Foundation will provide significant support to the development of young women leaders through the allocation of scholarship funding to BOLD Scholars. 

Helen Gurley Brown Fellowships & Internships

The Initiative gives scholars the opportunity to research and develop their own post-graduation fellowship in support of their individual career goals. In addition, the funds can also be used to fund internship experiences for BOLD scholars.

Magic Grants

In an effort to effect positive social change, BOLD Scholars may apply for a Magic Grant to organize and execute a transformation project in their campus, local or international communities, with priority given to projects that address women’s issues. Magic Grants will be awarded through a central fund at the Foundation. Students interested in pursuing this opportunity will need to submit a proposal and budget to the Foundation detailing their idea and justifying their budget. 

Examples of BOLD's transformation projects over the years have been:

Cohort 1 - Thrive Guide - A survival guide for all Middlebury students (May 2018)

Cohort 2 - Be BOLD - A Women's Leadership Conference (March 2019)

Cohort 3 - Trip to Kolkata India to teach English to elementary school students, culminating with the planning and execution of the Tulipdale School's annual Peace Fair (January 2020)


Middlebury BOLD will host an annual retreat to include BOLD Scholars, mentors, with the possibility of women leaders in the BOLD network across sectors. Themes can include issues related to women’s leadership in the workforce, being a change agent, and inclusion and equity on BOLD college/university campuses.