School in Brazil Calendar 2018-2019

Arrival DateAugust 5July 19
Program OrientationAugust 6-11
July 20-27
University OrientationTBDTBD
Class BeginAugust 13July 30
Last Day of Classes & Exams
December 20December 5
Recommended Departure DateNo earlier than Dec. 21No earlier than Dec. 9--it's a wonderful time of year and the weather should be great after a rainy fall, so stay as long as you can to enjoy it!

*all dates are subject to change

School in Brazil Calendar 2017-2018

Arrival DateJuly 24July 31August 12 or 13
Program OrientationJuly 25-29August 1-5August 14-16
University OrientationTBD after Aug. 1Registration: August 8-10August 14 (2 hours)
Class BeginAugust 1mid-AugustAugust 21
City TourAugust 19
Classes EndDecember 3December 16December 15
Exam PeriodIn-Class ExamsIn-Class ExamsMost students will be able to leave by Dec. 16, but some professors may have final papers due until the 21st.  If you must buy a round trip ticket, the safest return date is December 22.

*all dates are subject to change

Major holidays

September 7: Independence Day

September 8-9: Days off (Recesso)

October 12: Catholic Saint Day Nossa Senhora Aparecida

October 15: Teacher Appreciation Day

November 2: All Soul's Day (Finados)

November 3: Day off (Recesso)

November 15: Proclamation of the Republic

November 20: Black History Day (Dia da Consciência Negra)

Spring 2018 Dates TBD

Arrival DateJan. 22March 1March 12
Program OrientationJan. 24-31March 2-10March 13-18
University OrientationTBDTBDTBD
Class BeginFeb. 1March 6March 20
Classes EndJune 20July 8July 20
Exam PeriodIn-Class ExamsIn-Class ExamsIn-Class Exams

Carnival Weekend: Feb. 25-26
Carnival Holiday: Feb. 28
Ashes Day: March 1 (holiday until noon)
Floripa Emancipation day: March 23 (holiday in Florianópolis only)
Good Friday: April 14
Tiradente's Day: April 21-22
Labor Day: May 1