Middlebury College offers financial assistance to Middlebury undergraduates who study at the Schools Abroad.

Financing Study Abroad

Study Abroad Costs

Study abroad program costs are similar to or somewhat less than U.S. college costs. Most study abroad experiences can be achieved well within the total cost of a term or year at Middlebury.

Some programs charge a comprehensive fee, while others charge only tuition and students are responsible for room and board costs, as well as travel. For the Middlebury Schools Abroad, students can review the fees associated with each program. Externally sponsored program fees will vary according to the organization.

Middlebury students studying abroad (except those on official exchange programs) are charged an administrative fee of $1,900 (2024-25) per semester abroad in order to help offset the cost of the services provided by International Programs and Off-Campus Study.

Middlebury Financial Aid Policy

U.S. citizens eligible to receive federal grants and loans can usually apply these to any kind of approved study abroad.

Institutional grants and federal loans are available for students who study at Middlebury Schools Abroad. The expected family contribution for students is the same whether they are on campus or abroad, so going abroad is affordable to all students.

Students who receive scholarships or grants from outside of Middlebury need to check with their funding resources to see if they can apply their funds to going abroad.

Check with the Office of Student Financial Services for more detailed information.

Funding for Internships and Research Abroad

Middlebury’s Center for Careers and Internships maintains a searchable funding database for internships and fellowships.

See Scholarships and Other Funding for additional options.