Chile’s largest city, Santiago combines a pleasant mixture of colonial buildings and parks with the convenience of modern transportation and the look of newer architecture. It has a strong and active cultural life, with the presence of various theaters, museums, and cultural centers. In Santiago, students have the option of studying at one of two excellent universities, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile or Universidad de Chile. 

Known for its quality courses and non-political atmosphere, international students find themselves in the company of foreigners at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile where students have the opportunity to study at Chile's leading private institution while living in a thriving metropolis. A full selection of liberal arts courses is available; choose the semester of your preference (spring is primero semestre, fall, Segundo semestre) and then download “programacion” to access a list of current courses. Please check that the file that you are downloading corresponds to the upcoming semester you are applying to. 

In contrast to Pontificia, the students at Universidad de Chile, a public university, take their political involvement seriously since the return of civilian governance to Chile in 1990. There is a full curriculum available to the students, but due to the nature of the sprawling campus, it is easier for students to take all of their courses within one facultad. For available courses, select a facultades e institutos from the left, select a facultad (usually ciencias sociales or filosofía y humanidades), which will redirect you to the website of the faculty chosen. If you are in Ciencias Sociales, select pregrado and programas de asignaturas to see the courses offered the current year or mallas curriculares to get a general overview of the courses offered within each major.