2017-2018 School in China Calendar

Fall 2017

August 29Depart U.S.
August 30Arrive in China
August 31-September 3Orientation
September 4First day of classes
October 23-27Fall Break
December 15Last day of classes
December 17Depart China (if not staying on for the winter term)

Winter Term in Beijing 2018

December 28Depart U.S.
December 29Arrive in Beijing
December 30-January 1Orientation
January 2First day of classes
January 26Last day of classes
January 28Depart Beijing (if not staying on for the spring semester)

Spring 2018

February 20Depart U.S.
February 21Arrive in China
February 22-25Orientation
February 26First day of classes
April 16-20Spring Break
June 8Last day of classes
June 9Depart China

2016-2017 School in China Calendar

Fall 2016

August 30

Depart US

August 31

All students arrive in host city (Beijing, Hangzhou, or Kunming)

September 1 - 4


September 5

First day of classes

October 24-28

Fall Break

December 16

Last day of classes

December 18

Depart China

Winter Term in Beijing 2017

December 27

Depart U.S.

December 28

Arrive in Beijing

December 29-January 1


January 2

First day of classes

January 27

Last day of classes

January 29

Depart Beijing (if not staying on for the spring semester)

Spring 2017

February 14

Depart U.S.

February 15

Arrive in China

February 16-19


February 20

First day of classes

April 10-14

Spring Break

April 16-22

Global Partnership in Sustainability Excursion (KUNMING)

June 2

Last day of classes

June 4

Depart China