School in Germany 2018-2019

Semester Tuition (includes health insurance): $15,360*

Year Tuition (includes health insurance): $30,720*

*Middlebury College students pay an additional $1,700 study abroad fee per semester.

Estimated Out of Pocket Expenses













Travel from New York



Visa/Residency Permit






Students who reserve dormitories will transfer money from their German bank accounts to the School in Germany after on-site arrval (when they will open their bank accounts).  Students who wait and select apartments will transfer their rent from their bank account to their landlord's account.

Students who participate in the pre-semester language course will incur living expenses (~$1,100) not accounted for in this table.

**Please note that the "Personal" figure covers some basic necessities (local transportation, cell phone, program-sponsored excursions, etc.) and does not, and is not intended to include students' discretionary spending (e.g. entertainment, fitness, and travel).

***All fees subject to change. Exchange Rate: €1 = $1.23