Student Life

Studying abroad isn’t just about academics.  While studying will be an important part of the semester, equally as important is the investment that students make in engaging with their host communities.  The Middlebury School in Italy encourages students to go beyond the traditional study abroad path and explore the many ways they can enrich their experience in Italy. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteerism gives students the chance to not only be positively impacted by their host community, but to have a positive impact on their host community as well.  Students are able to volunteer in a variety of different venues, including. Visit the School in Italy's Internship webpage to learn more.

Excursions & Local Travel

The Middlebury School in Italy organizes one to two excursions per semester for Middlebury program students, offered at a subsidized rate.  In addition, optional day trips and cultural activities are planned throughout the semester.  Each program site in Italy offers much to see and do in the way of museums, churches, and other historical and cultural attractions.  Students are also encouraged to explore the regional and culture diversity of Italy on their own or with friends, as their academic schedule permits.   Information about local travel can be found here:


Community Engagement

There are a number of ways that students can connect with their host communities and meet local people who share common interests in the process.  In addition to volunteering and exploring local sites, students can become involved through art, music, sports, and other cultural or recreational activities.  Students are encouraged to bring their passions and talents with them abroad and to use those as avenues for engaging more fully with their host community. More information about the city of Florence can be found here:

Ministero dei beni e delle attività culturali e del turismo

Student & Staff Suggestions

Your fellow Middlebury School in Italy students and the staff at the School in Italy have some great suggestions for clubs to join, events to attend, and activities to participate in to make the most of your time in Florence.  Click here to learn about some them!

The team of staff at the School in Italy is available and happy to guide you through the process of connecting with any of the opportunities above!

The School in Italy organizes visits to churches, museums, and gardens in Florence for Art History and History courses. Students are encouraged to get involved in independent co-curricular activities. The School in Italy maintains an updated listing of such activities pursued by former students, and the staff is available to direct students to these resources.