2016-17 School in Japan Calendar



August 26,2016

Students Depart (if flying from the US) for Japan

August 27

Students Arrive in Japan--ALL students will stay in a hotel arranged and paid for by the program until campus housing is ready.

August 28

Middlebury orientation begins

September 1

ICU Matriculation and Orientation for New Students Begins

September 6


September 7

Classes Begin

September 22

Holiday - no class

October 21

No class—4th-7th period

October 22 - 23

ICU Festival

October 24

No class—1st-3rd period

November 14

Reading Day

November 15 - 21

Fall Trimester Exams

November 22

Fall Term Students Vacate Dormitory


March 13, 2017

Students depart (if flying from the US) for Japan

March 14

Students arrive in Japan and will have orientation plus two weeks of intensive language & culture course

April 1

Matriculation for spring students

April 3-5

ICU orientation for new students

April 6


April 7

Classes begin

May 3-5

Holidays: no classes

June 19

Reading Day

June 20-23, and 26

Spring term examinations

June 27

Vacate dormitory: end of program

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