General Contact Information for Internships at the School in the Middle East

International Programs & Off-Campus Study - to speak to the Advisor for the Schools in China, India, Israel, Jordan, and Morocco, please contact Bill Mayers.
Tel: 802.443.5745

Contact Information for Internships in XXXXX

Office of International Programs & Off-Campus Study: Professor Jeffrey Cason, Dean of International Programs; Liz Ross, Associate Director, for general information about the internship program
Tel: (802) 443-5745;

Career Services Office - for advice and counseling
Tel: (802) 443-5100;; web site

Middlebury College School in China - Tao Hong, Academic Director
Tel:011-86-571-8832-0338; Fax:011-86-571-8832-0956;

Middlebury College School in France - David Paoli, Director

Tel: 011-33-1-43-20-70-57; Fax: 011-33-1-43-22-73-89;

Middlebury College School in Germany - Heike Fahrenberg, Director
Tel: 011-49-6131-22-10-40; Fax: 011-49-6131-55-43-39;

Middlebury College School in Italy - Rosa Cuda, Director
Tel: 011-39-055-245-790; Fax: 011-39-055-246-9411;

Middlebury College School in Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay) - Claudio González Chiaramonte, Director
Tel/Fax: 011-54-11-4671-0731;

Middlebury College School in Latin America (Chile and Mexico) - Jeff Stevenson, Director
Tel: 011-56-2-233-9076;

Middlebury College School in Russia - Nana Tsikhelashvili, Director
Tel/Fax 011-7-495-251-8786;

Middlebury College School in Spain - Kim Griffin, Director; Teresa Cordóva, Internship Coordinator
Tel: 011-34-91-319-81-88; Fax: 011-34-91-310-00-36;;