Shchukin Theater Institute

Founded in 1913, the Shchukin Theater Institute is now one of the most prestigious and respected drama schools in Russia. It is committed to the exploration and advancement of the performing arts while celebrating Russia’s rich theater tradition.

The School’s dedication to professionalism and teaching can be seen both in its alumni, who teach acting at theater schools throughout Russia, and in its professors, who regularly hold workshops and conferences in Russia and abroad. The Institute’s distinguished faculty, composed exclusively of Institute graduates, has received wide recognition both at home and abroad.

Today the Shchukin Theater Institute maintains its reputation as the school that trains leaders across the performing arts, including film, theater, and television. The institute has recently expanded its programs to provide access to the international community, including students from South Korea, the United States, France, Israel, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine and Moldova.

One of the courses offered at the institute is Stage Speech, which is likely the most engaging and entertaining method of improving your pronunciation in Russian. The School’s own Uchebny Teatr provides the rare opportunity to study and practice every theater discipline in cultural and linguistic immersion, including sound, light, and make up.

The Institute's web site can be found here. For information in English on the different departments available, click here.