Yaroslavl, one of the oldest cities on the Volga river and the largest city on the Golden Ring has been rapidly developing over the last decade without losing the unmistakable feeling of tradition and history it is famous for. Once a bustling trade city of the Tsardom of Russia, this peaceful city remains today one of the major cultural centers in the European part of the country. It is quite modern and urban, though Onion-domed churches at the end of seemingly every street never fail to remind you of its grand history.

Yaroslavl and Burlington, Vermont are Sister Cities who take part in Sister Cities International. This partnership between Yaroslavl and Burlington began in 1988 with the help of then-mayor Bernie Sanders. Learn more here! http://burlingtonyaroslavl.com/about-us/

Take a look at the video below to see Yaroslavl from a student's perspective. 

Founded in 1908, Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University (YGPU) is one of the oldest partners of Middlebury School in Russia and has one of the best schools for teaching Russian as a foreign language; its instructors and professors have 20 years’ experience working with Middlebury students.

Yaroslavl is filled with young students from all over Russia and its vibrant social life gives the city a youthful and energetic feel. Close to all major travel hubs, studying in Yaroslavl makes travel around Russia and Europe cheap and easy.