The School in Russia strives to take advantage of the local university environment and facilities, with minimal "Americanization" of the educational process.

Although most courses are taught specifically for the School in Russia students, they are taught exclusively in Russian and according to local teaching styles and practices.  Students with sufficient skills in Russian may also enroll in regular university classes with Russian students for more thorough immersion in the language and culture.

Content courses are not divided according to language level, but are taught to the group as a whole. Each class meets for two periods per week and includes written and oral graded exercises.

Middlebury students who have completed third-year Russian are required to enroll in at least one mainstream course during their first semester in Russia. Full-year students must take two mainstream courses in the spring semester. These courses are selected from the offerings of the regular departments of the host university, in place of one or more of the standard School in Russia classes. Students select mainstream courses in consultation with host university instructors and the School in Russia on-site Resident Coordinator.

Students from other colleges and universities who demonstrate advanced ability in Russian and/or specific preparation in the appropriate field(s) are also strongly encouraged to enroll in regular university courses during their first semester at the School in Russia. Full-year students are required to take at least one regular university course during the spring semester and are strongly encouraged to substitute more than one regular university course for language classes, as full-time Middlebury students will do.

Following successful completion of these courses in the first semester, full-year participants are given the option of taking more specialized language courses in the spring.

Instructors are selected from various departments of the host university. For language courses, students are divided into language-level groups based on the results of a language placement test given prior to arrival in Russia, and on the results of interviews and testing which takes place on site, in Russia. Credit for mainstream classes is granted through the Russian Department of Middlebury College. The School in Russia will assist students in obtaining necessary course descriptions and syllabi for mainstream courses, but does not guarantee departmental/major credit from other departments, for any mainstream classes pursued in Russia.

Click here for a list of available courses offered at the host universities by site in Russia.

Students sign the Language Pledge during orientation.