Faculty & Administration




Nana Tsikhelashvili, Associate Professor and Director of the School in Russia. Ph.D. (Kandidat nauk) in History (History of Russian-American Relations), Russian State University for the Humanities (RSUH), 1998. Ms. Tsikhelashvili joined the School in Russia in 1997. Her previous experience includes work with the Russian State Archives, Russian Television, the American Collegiate Consortium (USIA-supported exchange program administered through Middlebury College) in Moscow, and part-time teaching American History to Russian students at RSUH. Nana previously served as the Assistant Director.
<p>Shushana Manakhimova</p>
Shushana Manakhimova, Assistant Director, Moscow

B.A. in Translation Studies, Russian State University for the Humanities (RSUH). In the course of her studies Shushana worked as a freelance translator and interpreter for various companies as well as a social worker at Children's Hospital Fund (Detskaya Bolnitsa). Her study abroad visits include the US, Germany and Israel. Shushana spent her exchange year at Middlebury College. After getting her degree, she joined the Russian Department team at Middlebury College as a Teaching Assistant.

Ilya Ipatov, Resident Coordinator, Irkutsk
BA Pomor State University (Russia, Arkhangelsk), management.

In his senior year Ilya was invited to take part in the student exchange program in Norway. It was his first experience abroad and the point at which he realized how much he enjoys talking with people from other countries and sharing the cultural experience. After graduation he started to work at Youth Center where he supported the youth politics in the Arkhangelsk region for three years during which the children received a new building for various activities (cinema, dance halls and music rehearsal rooms).

Ilya worked at The Kathryn Davis School of Russian in the summers of 2012 and 2013. The duties included media support, team-building and event management.  The detailed approach to planning and organization of activities as well as the friendly, supportive and cheerful attitude of the staff and students kept him in the field. Ilya is passionate about communicating and sharing Russian culture through providing first-hand experience to students.

Russia-Admin-Anna Melnikova Anna Melnikova, Resident Coordinator, Yaroslavl. MA, Yaroslavl State University, History.
Anna has worked in the fields of education and production as coordinator and interpreter respectively. She participated in exchange programs between the local youth organization YMCA-Yaroslavl and the YMCA of Philadelphia and North Shields. Anna is one of the founders of the “English Club” in Yaroslavl, which is based at the Teacher Training Center for Educators. The Club is dedicated to the study and practice of English with native speakers.