Students identifying as queer and/or transgender (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, pansexual +) can find support, explore their identity, and join community at the Anderson Freeman Center.

The AFC has many active and welcoming resources and programs for queer and transgender students, including but not limited to Pride Week, Queer Sex Ed, Coming Out Campfire Stories, Trans Day of Remembrance, and Lavender Graduation. Please contact Janae Due ( with any questions about programs and events.

AFC Peer Mentorship Program

The AFC Peer Mentorship Program is open to all students served by the AFC. The purpose is to connect first-year and sophomore students with juniors and seniors for individualized support based on shared identities that are important to them. Students have complete ownership as to what they want their mentorship experience to look like, whether it means providing academic, social, or community support - or all of the above. All peer mentors participate in a comprehensive training to allow them to reflect on their own identities and experiences, as well as equip them with resources to help their mentees thrive academically, socially, and professionally. In addition to regular check-ins with mentors and mentees, we also host group events for the mentoring program.

Queer Sex Ed

In collaboration with Health and Wellness Education, Queer Sex Ed is a series of events to explore the sexual identities with a focus on queerness. Topics can include: Informed Consent, Hookup Culture, Practicing Safe Sex, Healthy Relationships, and more.

Coming Out Campfire Stories

For National Coming Out Day, the AFC reserves the Knoll for students to share their coming out stories around a campfire. Coming Out Campfire Stories is a time for queer and trans students to be together through a day that can mean joy, sorrow, or pain. 

Pride Week

In collaboration with the Queer Coalition (the group of queer students organizations), Pride Week is filled with activities hosted by Queers + Allies, Queer and Trans People of Color, Trans Affinity Group, and AceSpace. Activities may include identity-based affinity spaces, open mics, drag shows, and mixers.

Trans Remembrance Day

Trans Day of Remembrance is an annual memorial to honor the lives of trans people. The memorial will include a history of Trans Day of Remembrance, a recognition of the trans people who have died due to anti-trans violence, and an opportunity to pledge actions to do your part to end violence against trans people.

Northeast Queer and Trans People of Color Conference

The Northeast Queer and Trans People of Color Conference is an annual conference designed to foster an environment for queer and trans people of color to be in unity, to be visible, and to validate and empower themselves and others. The conference includes intentional conversations in the form of workshops, presentations sessions, and keynote speakers. The AFC takes a delegation of QTPOC students to the conference. The delegation participates in pre-conference and post-conference conversations, along with free travel to the destination.

Trans Day of Visibility

National Transgender Day of Visibility is March 31 of every year. To celebrate this day, a #TDOV Open Mic is held to showcase trans voices and talents. This event is meant to center and uplift the creativity and contributions of trans and nonbinary people.

Queer Faces of Midd

Queer Faces of Midd is a photoseries to capture the portraits of queer and trans students, staff, and faculty at Middlebury’s campus. The photos are displayed physically in the gallery, along with digitally available on the Queer Faces of Midd blog.

Lavender Graduation

Lavender Graduation is a special graduation ceremony for regular and Feb graduating students part of the Middlebury queer and transgender community. The ceremony is held to recognize the accomplishments of queer and transgender seniors, with students receiving a graduation stole.

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