Specialized Medical/Mental Health Care Needs 

When navigating specialized medical and mental health care needs, access, timing, geography, and compatibility with an academic schedule are often factors that influence students’ treatment decisions.  Integrated Care can talk through needs and with students in addition to consulting with local or long-distance treatment teams about how and where to receive the care you are seeking. 

Planning for a Return from Leave 

When coordinating a return to Middlebury either before, after, or during seeking treatment, Integrated Care is available for planning and coordination. This is available for both temporary (10 day) medical leave as well as leaves of absence that will require a longer pause from academics. 

Integrated Care oversees the Medical Return Forms required for temporary medical leave and leaves of absences with the Form attached.  

Neurodiversity Resource Allocation & Assessment 

Integrated Care is available to meet with students and assess their needs as they relate to neurodiversity. An initial consultation is used to  

  • identify students’ requests and goals related to  

  • assess recent and relevant information regarding their current experiences 

  •  explore possibilities for paths forward for treatment and resource options.  

Substance Use Treatment Resources & Assessment  

For students seeking treatment or assessment related to substance use, Integrated Care is available to talk through possible resources options outside of the Middlebury Center for Health and Wellness as well as discuss ways of funding for students who may need more financial planning assistance for these care options. 

Need Help Now? 

TalkNow through TimelyCare provides 24/7 access to mental health support. You can speak with a counselor at any time from anywhere simply by opening TimelyCare, selecting TalkNow, and requesting an appointment 

In case of an emergency call 911 or the following emergency resources: 

  • Middlebury College Public Safety Emergency Line: 802-443-5911 

  • Porter Hospital Emergency Room: 115 Porter Drive, Middlebury Vt.