What is a Network?

​​​​​​Informed by Collaborative Network Approach and adapted to meet the unique needs of Middlebury students, we define network as the people (and sometimes beloved animals) involved in the life of the student. Major components of a student’s network may include family members, friends, organizations both on and off campus, communities they are currently engaged with or have come from, those central to their current living arrangements, and those involved with academic planning and educational exploration. There are not strict limits to whom might be considered a member of a student’s network.  


By way of several targeted intervention strategies, Integrated Care is available to help students explore, strengthen, and leverage the networks they are a part of. Through network mapping, you can consider and visualize your community. Through holding a network meeting, you can bring in the resources to a direct and present conversation about current hopes and needs. Through our approaches to safety planning and in creation of MWRAP we can clearly define the scope of social support and how they are able to help in times of opportunity and distress. 

Need Help Now? 

TalkNow through TimelyCare provides 24/7 access to mental health support. You can speak with a counselor at any time from anywhere simply by opening TimelyCare, selecting TalkNow, and requesting an appointment 

In case of an emergency call 911 or the following emergency resources: 

  • Middlebury College Public Safety Emergency Line: 802-443-5911 

  • Porter Hospital Emergency Room: 115 Porter Drive, Middlebury Vt.