Aerial photograph of the Knoll.

Health and Wellness Education contributes to your success by creating and maintaining a supportive and healthy campus environment.

We do this by helping you with the following:

  • Health promotion that is focused on protective factors and campus strengths.
  • Prevention that is focused on reducing personal, campus, and institutionwide health risks.

Health promotion and prevention are essential to students’ community engagement, participation in immersive learning, and development of skills as global problem solvers.

Meet the Team

For more information about who we are and how we can help you, see our Health and Wellness Education profiles.

Common Health Concerns

Getting accurate and up-to-date health information is very important. We have researched the best sites for quality health information and encourage you to use them!

If you have health questions or concerns that would best be addressed with a conversation and assessment by a health professional, please call our nurse line at 802-443-3290.