P&P offers courses from a wide array of offerings across the disciplines.

Students may request that the Academic Director count a course that does not appear on the list below. Courses taken to satisfy a major or minor may also count among the classes contributing to the Academic Cluster. Of the courses you choose to complete the Cluster program, classes should represent at least three distinct academic disciplines (e.g., history, sociology, philosophy).

This list is subject to change. Not all courses will be available every year or to every student. Some courses may be restricted to majors and/or have prerequisites. If you have questions regarding a particular course, please contact the instructor or sponsoring department.

Some courses not included below may count toward the P&P elective. Please contact the Academic Director for permission to substitute. 

Spring 2024


EDST 0115/BLST 0115    Education in the USA
ENVS 0215/ENGL 0215    Contested Grounds: U.S. Cultures and Environments 
FOOD 0281    Food, Power, & Justice
FOOD 0380    Hunger, Food Security, & Food Sovereignty 
GEOG 0208    Land and Livelihoods


ECON 0207    Economics and Gender 
ECON 0399    Introduction to Behavioral and Experimental Economics 
ECON 0453    Historical Development of the World Economy
ENGL 0462    Literature of Displacement: Forced Migration, Diaspora, Exile
ENVS 0220    Conversations with Environmental Icons & Others
ENVS 0401    Community Engaged Practicum
GSFS 0207    Economics and Gender
HIST 0114    History of Modern Africa
HIST 0215    America, 1955-1991
HIST 0225/BLST 0225    African American History
IGST 0427/PSCI 0427    How Democracies Die
PHIL 0207    Philosophy of Human Rights
PSCI 0202    African Politics
PSCI 0311    American Foreign Policy
SOCI 0201    Sociology of Labor 
SOCI 0235    The City and Its People
SOCI 0356    The Continuing Significance of Race in the United States


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