Services beyond routine and customary building maintenance may be categorized as Maintenance and Operational Projects.

These project requests are reviewed on an annual basis. Priorities outlined by the requesting departments are considered in deciding how best to allocate available funds.

Project Scope

Maintenance and Operational (M&O) projects are defined as follows:

  • Projects with costs exceeding $2500.
  • Maintenance to repair/refresh existing facilities, furnishings, and/or fixed equipment, i.e. items integral to the building such as fume hoods, compressors, and air handling units.
  • Renovation or physical change of existing facilities.
  • Replacement of existing fixed equipment, and furnishings.
  • New facilities, fixed equipment, and/or furnishings in response to program change.

Annual Project Review Process

  • Facilities Services contacts budget administrators, department coordinators, and department chairs in September to solicit input.
  • These contacts are given the opportunity to submit proposals for new operational requests.
  • They are also asked to review previously denied requests for current relevance and possible resubmission (a list is provided).
  • Completed project request forms are returned to the Facilities Services office in early October for review by our director.
  • Project requests are then submitted to senior administration for review and approval.
  • Requestors are usually notified of their project status in December.

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