OGSP works with various partners to support institutional programs prioritized by senior leadership, as well as individual faculty members.

Middlebury Advancement and Alumni Relations 
Works closely to identify institutional priorities and fundraising strategies

Grants Accounting
Handles the financial administration for most grants

Academic Administration
Identifies and endorses proposals and collaborates on generating new initiatives

Research Compliance
Helps manage research projects involving environmental health and safety concerns, human subject research, vertebrate animal research, or biohazards

Undergraduate Research Office
Assists students participating in research

Provides numerous support services for students and faculty

A great resource for research and data management plan preparation

Assessment and Institutional Research
Provides data and statistics for a variety of grant needs

Academic Affairs
Oversees the College’s academic program, ensuring its success through programs, services, and committees that support faculty and the curriculum

Human Resources
Provides information on grant-related positions

Information Technology Services
Provides strategic advice and information on grant-related equipment, purchasing, installation, and maintenance