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  1. 2023 News

    Middlebury professor's grant research signals evolutionary shifts in firefly communication

    | by Cassandra Mainiero

    Effective communication helps to grow, protect, and sustain species, ultimately contributing to their survival. That’s why when Gregory Pask, a Middlebury biology professor, heard that some firefly species reverted to a different communication method, he jumped at the opportunity to further explore the topic using an awarded grant from the National Science Foundation. 

  2. 2023 News

    History professor’s research in Japan inspires two new courses at Middlebury

    | by Cassandra Mainiero

    Using his awarded grant from The Japan Foundation, Max Ward, a history professor at Middlebury, is currently traveling in Japan to conduct research for his second book, Police Power in Modern Japan, (1870-1970)Police Power in Modern Japan explores the different forms of Japan’s police power throughout its history. Ward is using his research to propose new questions within contemporary debates about policing in other countries, including the United States.

  3. 2023 News

    Middlebury Film Professor creates first audiovisual book on single television series, Breaking Bad

    | by Cassandra Mainiero

    Using Breaking Bad as his new project’s centerpiece, Middlebury Film Professor, Jason Mittell, is creating the first-ever audiovisual book focused on a single television series. Mittell’s audiovisual book highlights the latest practice of videographic criticism, which analyzes film and television using the same media—sounds and moving images—to analyze aspects like characterization, composition, music, storytelling, and more.