As part of Middlebury’s commitment to promoting and supporting a culture of appreciation, we want to encourage recognition of employee contributions that often go unrecognized throughout the year. 

Building and strengthening a culture of appreciation involves everyone and we encourage you to consider small, simple ways of fostering a general feeling of appreciation and mutual respect for one another which can include different elements of our rewards and recognition programming.

Check Out Our Latest Programs!

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The Gratitude Board

Take a moment to recognize a colleague, team member, or direct report on the Gratitude Board! It’s a great way to celebrate the contributions — both big and small — that make Middlebury the great place that it is!

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Good Morning Middlebury

The Good Morning Middlebury program is an opportunity for supervisors and managers to take a person or team out for breakfast on Human Resources to start the day energized and build team camaraderie.   

Coming Soon

Check back soon as we’ll be adding new programs and opportunities to help share the positivity and celebrate our community!