Staff Recognition

Individuals: Mark Pyfrom, Vincent Mascal

Mark made major contributions to the FY20-FY22 storage and compute infrastructure planning and budget process, notably with regard to Storage and Compute infrastructure. Mark’s efforts to measure and monitor our holistic storage landscape informed our storage strategy and led to a very successful discussion about the storage road map with the ITS Tech Partners. The dialog was so informative that we hope to setup a roadshow, or sorts, and engage broader swaths of the community to solicit their input on their storage needs. Mark continues to focus on positive customer outcomes, coaching his colleagues on delivering good customer service. Finally, Mark is always available to assist with infrastructure issues. His efforts to ensure ITS delivers near seamless service have not gone unnoticed.

Vincent Mascal maintained Monterey’s media services while understaffed for five weeks (during Kuldeep’s medical leave) and worked tirelessly with two sets of vendors on the MG100 Cisco video conference installation and the Morse B207/208 upgrades, and with facilities to remove and then re-install six smart podiums during a prolonged carpet replacement over the winter break in several of the Morse classrooms (these carpets were not reinstalled until Thursday morning of last week during a heavy orientation setup schedule. Vince was one of two people on campus last Saturday (he and the facilities manager) to ensure all of the Morse classrooms were tested prior to the start of Spring 2019 classes here at Monterey. On Sunday Vincent caught up with scheduling his new graduate assistants for the coming week. On Monday he was back in the MG100 classroom, ensuring faculty would have technical support for using the new Cisco video conference and presentation system. This is just one of the examples of why we depend on Vincent so much to keep classes running smoothly here at MIIS.

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