Staff Recognition

Individuals: Paul Dicovitsky, Charlotte Pratt, and Travis Stafford

Their effort and support has been excellent in dealing with a service transition: considered evaluation regarding pending service retirement; considered evaluation of shortcomings of proposed replacement services; agreed to reevaluate potential service transition; appreciated pockets of need across a variety of disparate offices and departments; appreciated ramifications of service retirement for some use cases; appreciated effects of service retirement on institutional reputation; agreed to reversal of decision that proposed replacement services were sufficient (a critical change in course based on new information); collaborated on exploration and identification of potential replacement services; worked to identify funding and support for acquisition of new replacement service; worked with vendor and local users to optimize institutional configuration; worked with local users to allow offloading of effort on administrative and support fronts; consistently listened to and considered user needs throughout process.

Team: Oracle Finance Post-Go-Live Support Team - Petar Mitrevski, Rob Pekor, Trinidad Gomez, Jamie Carroll, Linda Knutson, Jon Sullivan, Danielle Madison, Greg Harris, Joe Durante, and Pij Slater

Their amazing customer service and stamina, grace under intense pressure and taking on the challenges of learning finance terminology & processes has been nothing short of a miracle. This team stepped up to an overwhelming challenge and when functional support failed, they have stepped up as leaders in the field. It is and will continue to be an honor working with them. 

Information Technology Services
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