• Drupal field_collection 7.x-1.2
  • WordPress akismet plugin 4.1.8
  • WordPress disqus-comment-system plugin 3.0.19
  • WordPress jetpack plugin 9.3.1
  • WordPress osm plugin 5.7
  • WordPress the-events-calendar plugin
  • WordPress wp-accessibility plugin 1.7.6
  • WordPress duplicate-post plugin 4.0.2
  • WordPress hueman theme 3.7.1
  • WordPress responsive theme 4.5.2
  • WordPress sydney theme 1.73
  • WordPress twentynineteen theme 1.9
  • WordPress twentytwentyone theme 1.1

Fixes and Tweaks

  • Editors in Drupal 8 can now add pages to a menu even if the only version of those pages is in a Draft state. This allows you to build out a site for review before it is published.
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing the Course Hub from getting up-to-date enrollment information from Banner.
  • Resolved a separate issue in the Course Hub where enrollment updates got stuck for sections that were re-categorized between programs.
  • Resolved an issue preventing scheduled tasks from clearing a cache queue of event information to ensure that the new Events Calendar stays up-to-date.
  • Added individual call to action blocks to each of the Institute’s academic program pages.

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