Middlebury’s Athletics website was moved to hosting through SIDEARM Sports.


  • Drupal menu_admin_per_menu 8.x-1.2 and 8.x-1.3
  • WordPress seriously-simple-podcasting plugin 2.2.1
  • WordPress social-icons-widget-by-wpzoom plugin 4.0.3
  • WordPress accelerate theme 1.4.6
  • WordPress responsive theme 4.4.1

Fixes and Tweaks

  • FAQs in the Community Announcements office site can now display a badge to indicate that they are new or have been recently updated.
  • The ITS service status and hours features now have additional checks to ensure they receive a response from the third-party services they fetch information from in order to prevent an error that blocks the page from loading.
  • Site Admins can now manually clear the Middlebury Institute’s site cache through the application UI, allowing them to do so after modifying the header navigation.

Information Technology Services
Davis Family Library 202
Middlebury, VT 05753