Fixes and Tweaks

  • Added a LibChat widget for the Institute’s Library site.
  • Fixed an issue with the Twitter share link on Story content for Chrome.
  • The Content by Paragraph Type report on Drupal 8 sites now includes all active components (paragraphs) on those sites, except a few site-specific components like the Library and ITS widgets that are only used on one page.
  • All Drupal 8 sites new support the creation of Story content displayed in Newsrooms.
  • The Video Group component now allows an unlimited number of videos and the option to choose whether they are displayed in portrait or landscape mode on all Drupal 8 sites.
  • The Quad Story Feature component is now available on the Homepage content type for Drupal 8 sites which use that content type.
  • Header and footer navigation for the Institute site can now be edited in the administration interface, rather than being hard-coded into the theme files.
  • Added Azure AD as a backup authentication method in Canvas. This will allow us to more quickly preserve access to Canvas if the campus network or CAS ever have issues.
  • Tweaked the warnings in Course Hub for case where sections disappear from catalog.middlebury.edu. While this usually happens if a course sections are cancelled or merged and max-students is set to 0, it can also happen if the term is accidentally disabled.

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