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blue sky and white clouds held a Lightning Talk by Michelle Leftherist (Studio Art) on Thursday, 4/20 from 12:45-1:45 PM ET in Lib 105 A/B and on Zoom.


Michelle Leftheris (Studio Art) - NOWSPACE (Apr. 2023)

Michelle Leftheris (Studio Art) will present her recent project, NOWSPACE, an online, live-streaming observatory which collects video from cameras pointed at the sky across North America. In this immersive, web-based artwork, multiple streams are collaged into singular compositions of a synthesized view of the nation’s skies. Acting as an open window, a portal to everywhere at once, NOWSPACE offers a previously impossible perspective. Engaging with issues of accessibility and the history of land art, this project suggests a renewed way to use existing technology to augment our understanding of the physical world through direct, perceptual encounters regardless of the viewer’s location.

An online experience designed for repeated, prolonged observation, this artwork allows the user to witness a novel representation of the most expansive entity of our planet within the present moment. NOWSPACE provides a comparative survey of our world in real-time as a cohesive, composed, and ever-changing image. 

NOWSPACE was on view as part of the New Directions Arts Festival on Saturday, Apr 15, 2023 in the Mahaney Arts Center. 

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