This new program aims to help students be in control of their own health and wellness by providing a self-directed assessment and link to resources. 

Introducing...The Well-Being Check-up!

The Process

The process includes three steps:

  • Screening: take a confidential health survey
  • Discussion: participate in a conversation with a health educator 
  • Get connected: be linked to the support and resources that you deem appropriate

The screening focuses on a range of health topics, including mental health and substance use. The results become a confidential part of your student health record—meaning only you and the professionals in the Center for Health and Wellness have access to it. The only purpose this information serves is to help you gain access to any support and resources you feel may be useful to you during your time at Middlebury. 

Check-Up Today!

You can express interest in completing the screening at go/checkup. You can also email Liam Lawlor, AOD Education Specialist, with any questions.